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Basic Barbarian Orc Monstering Kit

Easy baselayers for monstering

While Profound Decisions provide some basic kit for monstering (a mask, medium armour, and occasionally a scarf in an appropriate colour), if you can bring a couple of bits of your own to monster in, you'll have an easier and slightly more comfortable time.

Some of your character's base layers might also be usable for various barbarian nations, but I'd always recommend having a spare set of basic base layers in a neutral colour so you don't have to wear the same sweaty clothes you battled in for the rest of the day.



Think "Evil Navarr"

The Druj favour poisons and stealth - and wear a lot of green and yellow, including acid greens (usually brighter shades than typical Navarr). They are neighbours/ rivals of Dawn, Navarr and Urizen. They use fear as a weapon and are often adorned with poisonous insect imagery, and bone accessories.


Think "Purple Freeborn"

The Grendel are a seafaring commerce nation and neighbours/ rivals of the Brass Coast. They wear mainly purple with orange highlights, and show their wealth in accessories. They are professional soldiers that are vaguely Roman themed.


Think "Red Wintermark"

The Jotun are a militaristic nation and neighbours/ rivals of Wintermark. They favour "honourable combat", and dress similarly to Wintermark - furs and leather and chain over blood reds and browns. Some specific tribes (the Lasambrians) use Orange as a contrast colour.


Think "Blue Varushka"

The Thule are a magical nation and neighbours/ rivals of Varushka. They wear a lot of dark blue - it's their favoured colour, with hooded robes and dragon/wyvern imagery. They may also have intricate Wintermark-style runes painted or engraved on their costume.



These will get you going

Solid Cashmere Scarves

Solid Cashmere Scarves


A cheap scarf in each of the barbarian colours will go a long way to making you look like a member of that tribe. They also hide the join between your mask and your torso, meaning you don't have to paint your neck. You can pick these up almost anywhere. The image is from ASDA the link is Amazon.

£3 - 30

Boring Plain Trousers, 2pk

Boring Plain Trousers, 2pk


I mean, they're pyjama pants, what do you want from me here. Perfect boring leg layers for literally anybody.





Belts are really good and holding pants up. But they also help add details and layers with 0 effort. Never wear just one, wear them in different places. Belts with texture are event better, woven ones are great and look really setting appropriate. Primark often do a set of two bets for less than £3.


Primark, Asda, tesco, matalan
"Meggings". Like leggings but y'know, Manly.

"Meggings". Like leggings but y'know, Manly.


Don't worry about the waistband - your upper layer will hide it. A pair of comfy looking grey leggings that would be fine base layers for basically any nation, and specifically in a men's cut. I put them in my wintermark folder originally but whatever.


Linen trousers

Linen trousers


Cool and made from IC looking fabric. They come in loads of colours, if you can only find pale ones try dying them a more on brief colour. You can get these from about March to September, from loads of different shops, but sometimes you get what you pay for and the cheaper ones might not last more than a year.

£10 - 25

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