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Hello! Welcome to the high street larp guide. This is a project borne out of coronavirus lockdown cabin fever and overly ambitious ideas.

The look of the site will probably change a bit over the next however long, as we answer the perpetual question "what even is Wix?" - but we're about ready to start publishing items and guides.

In fact, I made a start on the Wintermark page today - and if you have any feedback, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELL ME.

If you have any blog ideas, a keen eye for high street larp bargains, or fancy adding a product to the site, please give me a shout - there's a contact button somewhere in the menu up top, or I can be found lurking on the various Empire groups on Facebook.

Me - that is, Monica, the site owner, is a Wintermark player. In the field I'm known as Kindra Edasdottir and I'm usually piss drunk and ranting about war. I have two other collaborators on the site at present, who may introduce themselves in due course, but one plays Navarr and the other is currently in the Brass Coast. We can always use more help with STUFF for the site, but I know I'm especially interested in recruiting people with an eye for League and Marcher fashion, and anybody with an eye for masculine style clothing as menswear is A COMPLETE MYSTERY to me.

Anyway yeah - no commitment needed, even if you've just seen a single random item that would be good to include, shout up.

See y'all on the internet. Or in a field. Eventually.

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