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Image by Martin Sepion


Practical, Countryside, Folksy

Marcher characters live in the mid-west farmlands of the Empire. Farming, hard work and village culture mingle with trade and commerce in this rich agricultural powerhouse.


You're going for an English civil war/morris dancer/English folk sort of feel with the Marchers.


For the official Profound Decisions costume guide, including photographs of characters from the game, take a look at the Look and Feel and the Costumes pages of the wiki

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Autumn Harvest Palette

Natural dye colours, plain blocks of colour, in linen and wool. Sort of Autumnal in theme.

Linen trousers

Linen trousers


Cool and made from IC looking fabric. They come in loads of colours, if you can only find pale ones try dying them a more on brief colour. You can get these from about March to September, from loads of different shops, but sometimes you get what you pay for and the cheaper ones might not last more than a year.

£10 - 25

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