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Wintermark characters are asked to choose one of the three "traditions" - Steinr, Suaq or Kallavesi, denoting essentially which tribal origin of Wintermark your character identifies with.

While the same base layers may serve you fine for any tradition, the colour palette and accessories are different for each, so it's a good idea to shop with this in mind.

For the official Profound Decisions costume guide, including photographs of characters from the game, take a look at the Look and Feel and the Costumes pages of the wiki


Kallavesi/Suaq Tunic (Black/Cream)

An unusual hemline and simple collar embroidery but the black version of this at home on a classy Kallavesi, and the cream on a particularly stylish Suaq.


Rupali Online

Really Long Tunic

A really long shapeless tunic thing. It comes in BRIGHT FUCKIN YELLOW, grey and navy. Just a decent baselayer really - the yellow could serve you well in Dawn or the Brass Coast, the other colours for Varushka or Wintermark. It's a linen blend so the beige will take dye well if you wanted to turn it green for Navarr or something.



Linen trousers

Cool and made from IC looking fabric. They come in loads of colours, if you can only find pale ones try dying them a more on brief colour. You can get these from about March to September, from loads of different shops, but sometimes you get what you pay for and the cheaper ones might not last more than a year.

£10 - 25

Primark, Asda, M&S, Amazon,

Brown suede tunic

Brown suede tunic - I know New Look claim it's a dress. They're lying. It's a unisex tunic that would be awesome for a Suaq character, or even as a Navarr layer.


New Look

Black maxi dress

You can get these basically anywhere in a variety of colours, and they make great layering items for people that want a bit of dramatic swoosh.


George at Asda

Beige warm cardi

For a Suaq that's cold enough to want a cover up but not quite cold enough to put on their Big Coat. Infinitely customisable with paint and embroidery for not much money and a little bit of time.



Black tie sleeve tunic

Slouchy Kallavesi look, but Highguard might be interested, and even maybe the Dawnish that are into goth stylings.



Beige Linen Kimono Cardigan

A Suaq midlayer or even a summer outer layer, and just begging to be painted with some typical Suaq iconography.



Plain Blue Tunic

Decent starting point for Steinr - easily modified with a bit of garment trim for less than a fiver and half an hour's work if you wanted to upgrade. Also potentially good for Kallavesi, or even Dawnish and Highguard characters.



Embroidered Tunic (Navy/Cream/Green)

Can one tunic look at home in Wintermark, Varushka or Navarr? Yes. Yes it can. Cream for a Suaq, green for a Navarr, and navy for the Varushkan.


Rupali Online

Faux Fur Cuffs

For a touch of luxury around your cuffs. Available in many different fur styles, and great for Wintermark, Temeschwar League, Varushka and Dawn


The Throw Company


Oh yes. No longer will the Suaq have to suffer in fur in the height of Anvil heat. Get thyself a pair of beige linen booty shorts and feel the breeze around your knees.

If you want. I mean, beware of nettles and ticks and stuff.



Red Tunic

Ditch the belt and you've got a nice multipurpose mid-sleeve rust-red tunic here. Fine as-is, but spent half an hour sticking some trim to it to make it steinr, or beads and shinies and you've got a decent layer for the brass coast.



Gold Bangle

SHINIES. Jewelry really makes a character! Ideal for Wintermark Steinr, but I could also see Dawn or even the Brass Coast wearing this amongst their other trinkets.


Moonbeams and Mayhem

Black Cardigan

For the chilly kallavesi in your life. Or heck, for this price, rip the arms off and have a sleeveless open front vest.



Brown dress

A nondescript brown dress. Would be a nice Suaq or maybe Navarr midlayer.



Kallavesi Tunic

Bit of an unusual cut for larp - but I could see this working as part of an outfit for a Kallavesi mystic or priest, or even a Highguard character that wants to convey a bit of a stern, businesslike impression.


River Island at Asos

Suaq Kaftan Tunic

An easy summery tunic layer, perfect for Suaq of Wintermark or any other characters that wear a lot of beige.

£17.50 - £35


Green Embroidered Tunic Set

Not convinced about the leggings here - but a long green tunic with flower embroidery? Why yes Navarr, this is for you. The set also comes in cornflower blue and beige, which may work for Varushka and a Suaq/Wintermark character respectively.


Rupali Online

Faux Fur Neckscarf

Add a bit of luxury to your neck with a removable fur trim (or safety pin it to your cloak or tunic if you want, I'm not the boss of you). Available in a variety of colours, and nice for Wintermark, Temeschwar league, Dawn and Varushka


The Throw Company

Sleeveless tunic jumper thing

Comes in beige, white, black and pale blue. I think the beige one looks nicest, but I'm sure you can all make your own minds up. Warm midlayer?



Boring Plain Trousers, 2pk

I mean, they're pyjama pants, what do you want from me here. Perfect boring leg layers for literally anybody.


Marks and Spencer

Black Velvet Satchel

Pretty little bag to shove your notepad, water bottle and other random crap in. Black velvet, great for a fancy Kallavesi or one of the gothier Dawnish.


Moonbeams and Mayhem

Beige Trousers

Don't worry about the waistband - your top layer will cover it. Nondescript beige trousers. Ideal for Suaq, or anybody else that wants a neutral baselayer on your legs.



"Meggings". Like leggings but y'know, Manly.

Don't worry about the waistband - your upper layer will hide it. A pair of comfy looking grey leggings that would be fine base layers for basically any nation, and specifically in a men's cut. I put them in my wintermark folder originally but whatever.



Off-White Suaq Dress

Great for summer events, or as part of a layered outfit over the top of a tunic. Suaq characters may want to paint animal or story motifs on it - a fiver's worth of acrylic paint and some random folk art designs you can find on the internet to copy would do.



Kallavesi Kaftan Tunic

An easy summery tunic layer, perfect for Kallavesi of Wintermark or any other characters that wear a lot of black.



The Suaq

Think Inuit

The Suaq are the hunters on the ice. You wanna look like you're basically wearing snow camo and are ready to shank a mammoth. Beige beige beige.

The Kallavesi

Think Goth Bog Witches

The Kallavesi are originally from the swamps, and they're highly spiritual. They tend to dress like goth stoners that live in a swamp, and they often wear things with feathers on.

The Steinr

Think "Rohan" from LOTR

The Steinr are supposedly from space and dress like they just walked out of Skyrim by way of Lord of the Rings. Avoid viking imagery, but use "viking" as a search term when you're looking for gear.

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